How to become a member of the SJIB

Electrical contracting firms are eligible for full membership of the Board and as such are obliged to conform to the graded rates of wages and participate in the Holiday / Welfare Scheme. The scheme provides financial savings to both employers and employees, removes the administrative burden of holiday pay calculations from member firms and ensures equitable holiday pay arrangements.

The annual subscription is based on the average number of graded electrical operatives employed by the firm each year. The annual fee for full membership is £44.15 per graded operative employed with a minimum £265.00. If you would like to join the SJIB please click here and complete and return the SJIB Membership Application form to:

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You may wish to consider the extensive range of benefits, which may be obtained through membership of SELECT, which automatically includes membership of the SJIB at no additional cost. Members of SELECT have access to Health and Safety support; Technical and Industrial Relations advice; Helpline services on law, taxation and contracts, private medical care and other Health Benefits; work Guarantee Schemes and Discounts and Concessions for insurance, credit rating, car hire and hotel accommodation. In addition SELECT organise a wide variety of training courses in Safety and Compliance issues, Technical Expertise and Business and Personal Developments.

If you would like to find out more information about SELECT please click on the attached link and visit their website