Winder/Electrical Fitter

Winders/Electrical Fitters must have been registered apprentices for at least four years, and must have had practical training in electrical winding and/or fitting work.

They must be able to carry out armature and stator winding on a.c. or d.c. or machine assembly and test efficiently in accordance with accepted trade practice.

In addition they must have completed the following training:

- SQA Course Certificate Parts 1 and 2; or

- Eqivalent course of study approved by the SJIB; or

- Provide written confirmation of the College Principal, the SQA Course Certificate Part 2 without success in the final examination.

It is accepted that there may be a few exceptional cases of apprentices with outstanding ability who could qualify as Winders or Fitters in less than four years. The Grading Committee will consider applications for grading in such cases from applicants who have obtained the SQA Certificate and completed at least three years’ training.

Rate of Pay: The appropriate rate of pay for an SJIB Graded Electrician.

All operatives applying to be graded or re-graded must be in possession of an ECS Health and Safety Assessment or approved equivalent which is not due to expire within six months.