Approved Instrument Mechanic

Approved Instrument Mechanics must have completed an approved apprenticeship and qualified as an Instrument Mechanic.

Approved Instrument Mechanics must have:

- two years' experience working as an Instrument Mechanic subsequent to the completion of the apprenticeship; or

- an eqivalent academic qualification and also have passed an approved manufacturer's training course or other approved course such as at Government Training Centre; and

- obtained practical experience in techniques of instrumentation maintenance and servicing on industrial process plant control systems and be able to work on his own proficiently and in accordance with associated safety codes and practices.

Rate of Pay: The appropriate rate of pay for an SJIB Graded Approved Electrician.

All operatives applying to be graded or re-graded must be in possession of an ECS Health and Safety Assessment or approved equivalent which is not due to expire within six months.