SJIB Grade (ECS) Card Application Forms

With effect from 1 September 2018 National Insurance Numbers will no longer appear on any card.

Changes to cards

The following cards are no longer available, any that are still valid will be honoured until they expire - Labourer, ECS Related Discipline, Senior Manager, Site Manager, Contract Manager, Office Staff and Visitors. Individuals who have held these cards in the past should now apply for the new Electrical Labourer, Operative, ECS Related Discipline, ECS Manager or ECS Site Support card.

The health and safety requirement for the new cards has changed. The ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment will not be accepted as part of an initial application for the new cards. 

Please refer to the new Initial Application forms to see the new health and safety requirements for each card.

The SJIB has launched an online applications rollout which will proceed over a series of phases. The online applications for the following cards can be accessed via our new ECS Card portal: from 11th May 2021.



·       Electrician

·       Approved Electrician

·       Technician Electrician

·       Electrical Labourer (NEW)

·       Operative (NEW)


ECS Related Discipline (NEW)

·       Field Engineer

·       Equipment Installer

·       Aerial and Satellite Engineer

·       Control Systems Engineer



·       ECS Site Support (NEW)

       ECS Manager (NEW)


The SJIB are introducing access to online applications in Phases.


Please find below a selection of application forms for ECS cards that are not available through the ECS portal at this time:-

Initial Application Forms:

·  (ECITB) Electrical Fitter  (Initial Application Form)

·  Emergency & Security Systems  (Initial Application Form)

·  Fire Detection & Alarm Systems  (Initial Application Form)

·  Datacomms  (Initial Application)


Renewal Application Forms:

·  Emergency & Security Systems and Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (Renewal Application)

·  Renewal Application Datacomms (Renewal Application)

·  Up-Grade Application (ECITB) Approved Electrical Fitter

·  Application to update or replace a lost or stolen card

·  Statement of Experience Form

·  Replacement Craftsman Certificate Form