SJIB Grade (ECS) Cards

ECS Card On-Line Applications

The ECS Card portal allows applications for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Cards to be made online via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The ECS Cards have now been divided into the following specialist areas:

·       Electrotechnical

·       ECS Related Discipline (NEW)

·       Management (NEW)

·       Network Infrastructure (previously Datacomms)

·       Fire Emergency and Security Systems (FESS)

·       Cabling and Jointing

·       Building Controls

The online application rollout will proceed over a series of phases, with Phase 1 launched on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 and the following online applications for the following cards can be accessed via our new ECS Card portal:


·       Electrician

·       Approved Electrician

·       Technician Electrician

·       Electrical Labourer (NEW)

·       Operative (NEW)


ECS Related Discipline (NEW)

·       Field Engineer

·       Equipment Installer

·       Aerial and Satellite Engineer

·       Control Systems Engineer



·       ECS Site Support (NEW)

·       ECS Manager (NEW)

o   Electrical Site Manager

o   Electrical Contract Manager

o   Manager

o   Project Manager

o   Contract Manager

Updates on the remaining phases of the rollout will be issued as soon as they become available.

Other cards will be available from the ECS Card portal over the next few months. To apply for any card not listed above go to Application Forms

Three easy steps to apply for your ECS Card

Step 1: Select an ECS Card

Go to the portal here click on your specialism and a list of cards will appear. Click on the card you’re interested in and a short summary listing the card criteria will appear. If you believe you meet these criteria, you’ll be asked to click on the appropriate form: 

  • Initial – if this is the first time you are applying for this card.
  • Renewal – if you are renewing your existing card.
  • Upgrade – if you are seeking to move to the next grade.


Step 2: Complete the online application

You’ll be asked to complete various sections, some mandatory, others optional. Some sections require you to upload certificates and enter dates – failure to do so will prevent you from completing the online application. If you have to exit the ECS portal for any reason, you can return and pick up where you left off.

Step 3: Pay and finish

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email confirming receipt. When you click on ‘Finish’ your application will then be processed by our team. You’ll be informed if there are any issues which will prevent us from issuing your card.

Paper-based applications

If you’d prefer not to apply online, you can complete a paper-based application. Download the appropriate application form from the portal here and post it to The Walled Garden.

Important note

A recent SJIB study showed that, on average, 36% of applications cannot be processed due to anomalies, e.g., expired, and wrong certificates, no evidence of BS 7671 etc. It’s therefore essential that you read the criteria carefully and only upload or enclose correct and valid certificates with your application.

If you wish to obtain or renew a card which isn’t included in Phase 1 of the rollout, please access the relevant application forms here.