Holiday Pay and the Welfare Credit Scheme

The Holiday Year

The annual leave year for employees engaged under the SJIB National Working Rules commences on the first Monday in January and concludes on the Sunday preceding the first working Monday in January of the succeeding year.

The recognised holidays in any year are:

  • The recognised Spring, May day and Autumn holidays (3 days)
  • Spring week – to be taken by mutual agreement (5 days)
  • Twelve days holiday in summer commencing from stopping time on the Thursday immediately preceding the summer holiday fortnight and ending at the normal start-time on the third Tuesday.
  • Ten working days at the Christmas / New Year period which normally coincides with the Builders holiday, the exact timing of these holidays is agreed by the SJIB.

Holiday with Pay Scheme

The Holiday With Pay Scheme is a fully flexible scheme designed to act as a savings scheme to enable members to put money aside for their employees full 30 days holiday entitlement, payments can also include top up and some office staff can be included meaning more savings can be made.

Money can be paid into the scheme whenever it suits the employer and also withdrawn as and when it is needed for employees taking different weeks/days throughout the year. 
A welfare credit is paid for separately to holiday pay and gives various benefits including sick pay, death benefit and BUPA cover as the attached table shows. Table of Benefits.

Download the current Guidance on the Holiday with Pay Scheme(PDF)

Holiday Credits Scheme

The holiday credit scheme covers 27 days out of the 30 days entitlement for all operatives that money is paid in for.

There are 3 public holidays that are not covered by the credits and the company are responsible for paying for these – Spring, May Day and one day of the autumn holidays.

The SJIB have the following 3 payouts periods each year:

  • March for the 5 days at Easter
  • June for the 12 days in Summer
  • December for the 10 days at Christmas

By purchasing holiday credits this entitles both operatives and staff members to various benefits such as sick pay, death in service benefit and BUPA. Table of Benefits

All holiday credits are based on the shop rate so anyone on a higher rate would be due top up on their holiday pay to their normal earnings for the full 30 days of holiday.

This chart shows the current dates the holiday credits are collected for the relevant holiday period.

Download the current Holiday Welfare Credit Scheme Chart (PDF).

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