Aims & Objectives


The Scottish Joint Industry Board’s Training Schemes are designed to regulate the entry, conditions of service, training and education of Apprentices and Adult Trainees in the Electrical Contracting Industry in Scotland.


The main objectives of the Schemes are to:

- maintain and continually improve the quality and quantity of training;

- ensure that the current training meets the needs of the industry;

- ensure that the training is cost effective.

The objectives of the Schemes are achieved by:

(a) Apprentices and Adult Trainees being employed directly.

(b) An annual intake of Apprentices and Adult Trainees without arbitrary age restrictions.

(c) Progress and payment during the course of the Apprentice and Adult Training Schemes based entirely on the achievement of measured practical and educational standards.

(d) For Apprentices there is a commitment of training to completion of apprenticeship subject to the Apprentice complying with the SJIB’s National Working Rules. The Apprentice may be employed by more than one employer during the apprenticeship although not at the same time. The reasons for change of employer may be at the request of the Apprentice. However, if the employer decides to to arrange a transfer of an Apprentice they must first inform the Secretary of the SJIB in writing (See Section 5).

(e) Adult Trainees may be employed by more than one employer throughout their training although not at the same time. Adult Trainees cannot be given a guarantee of training to
completion of training. However, every effort will be made to find alternative employment for those who by reason of redundancy are unable to continue their training.

(f) The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) has delegated the management of its training schemes to the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT). SECTT organises the financial assistance for training. In addition the SECTT Training Officers carry out pre-employment assessments for all applicants and monitor the progress of all Apprentices and Adult Traineess from their first day at college to the completion of their training.

1.00 Obligations to the Schemes

Employers will undertake to provide training in accordance with the rules of the SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training Schemes Guide. In addition, they and the Apprentice or Adult Trainee must observe the SJIB rules detailed in the SJIB National Working Rules for the duration of the training.

2.00 Entry to the Schemes

2.01 All applicants must meet the required entry standards as determined by the SJIB, which will include an approved pre-employment assessment. School leavers who have a good school record and English, Maths, Physics or a Science qualification are best equipped to complete an electrical apprenticeship. If you would like to find out more about becoming an Apprentice / Adult Trainee please click on the attached link

2.02 Applicants must meet the SJIB required standards of physical fitness and vision, including proved absence of colour vision deficiency.

2.03 The nature of the electrical contracting industry requires that Apprentices and Adult Trainees must be prepared to travel and, when required, stay away from home subject to college attendance.