SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training Scheme Guide

SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training Programmes

The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) has been delivering its Apprentice and Adult Electrotechnical Training Programmes since the early seventies.

The SJIB is managed by a Board of electrical employers and representatives of Unite the Union, who help to lead, support and deliver a high-quality, responsive apprenticeship provision in Scotland.  We develop and deliver our Apprentice and Adult Training Schemes around one area of specialism – electrical installation.  We focus our time, energy and resources on developing these programmes for the benefit of electrical installation employers, the wider industry and its clients/customers.

For almost half a century we have developed excellent links with hundreds of electrical contracting businesses in Scotland and we have trained many thousands of people of all ages, to become fully qualified electricians.

Our Training Partners

The SJIB’s training programmes are Modern Apprenticeships – combining a qualification with on-the-job experience.  Our framework is developed under the aegis of SummitSkills, the Standard Setting Organisation for the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector.  SummitSkills is employer-led and employer-owned.  SummitSkills works with the sector to develop and maintain standards, qualifications and apprenticeships.

The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) has delegated the management of its training schemes to the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT). SECTT is a nonprofit charitable trust managed by a board comprising electrical employers and representatives of Unite the Union.

SECTT organises and provides financial assistance for training.  In addition the SECTT Training Officers carry out pre-employment assessments for all applicants and monitor the progress of all Apprentices and Adult Trainees from their first day at college to the completion of their training.

One of SECTT’s Training Officers will work closely with each Apprentice or Adult Trainee throughout the training programme (maximum 5 years).  The SECTT Training Officers are all former electricians and have relevant industry experience.  They use their skills and expertise to provide the right level of support to guide the Apprentices and Adult Trainees through each stage of the programme.

Our links with employers, industry experts, manufacturing specialists, training providers and colleges provide us with the opportunity to ensure that the SVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation is developed in line with the current and future requirements of the industry.

The Schemes’ Objectives

The Scottish Joint Industry Board’s Training Schemes are designed to regulate the entry, conditions of service, training and education of Apprentices and Adult Trainees in the Electrical Contracting Industry in Scotland.

The main objectives of the Schemes are to:

  • maintain and continually improve the quality and quantity of training;
  • ensure that the current training meets the needs of the industry;
  • ensure that the training is cost effective;
  • provide employment and enhance business opportunities;
  • ensure that training is fully provided to completion of the apprenticeship and adult training programme, subject to compliance with the SJIB’s National Working Rules.

These objectives are achieved by:

  • direct employment of Apprentices and Adult Trainees.
  • an annual intake of Apprentices and Adult Trainees with no age restrictions.
  • progression and payment during the course of the Schemes being based entirely on the achievement of measured, practical and educational standards.

Employers must agree to provide training in accordance with the rules of the SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training Schemes Guide.  In addition they, and the Apprentice or Adult Trainee, must observe the SJIB rules detailed in the SJIB National Working Rules for the duration of the training.

Our Team

We are dedicated to providing a unique, expert and responsive service to SJIB Registered Apprentices, Adult Trainees and their employers.  We will support and encourage Apprentices and Adult Trainees to achieve their goal of becoming qualified electricians.

Our dedicated service includes: -

  • Apprentice and Adult Trainee Registration onto the SJIB’s Training Schemes (non-SJIB/SELECT employers pay a service fee).
  • Free Apprentice/Adult Trainee SJIB Grade (ECS) cards - valid for five years.
  • Administration and tracking of the progress of all Apprentices and Adult Trainees.
  • Maintenance and provision of the SJIB Apprentice and Adult Training Schemes Guide.
  • Provision of advice to Apprentices, Adult Trainees, parents and employers on the rules of the Schemes and the SJIB National Working Rules.
  • Provision of employment/legal advice to employers.
  • Management and maintenance of the Final Integrated Assessment of Competence (the FICA).
  • Free provision of Welfare Benefits (Death, Accidental Death, Permanent and Total Disability Benefit, Accidental Dismemberment Benefit) to all Apprentices.
  • Organisation of the SJIB Apprentice of the Year Competition.